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Two podcasts in one week? Nate Timmons sits down with Lewi Gault, a fitness professional, Jiu-Jitsu competitor, MMA enthusiast, and a husband and father. 

Gault is gearing up for the annual Fitness on the Rocks event at Red Rocks (July 18th) and we get into some MMA talk - centering around the UFC, what it was like coming to the United States from Scotland, and much more.

Find information on Fitness on the Rocks by clicking this link. The event takes place July 18th at Red Rocks.

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Ross Martin is back, after his long road covering NCAA Tournament games for CSG. We talk about the tournament thus far, Jeff Morton takes us through the controversial Indiana legislation, who to root for on the Broncos (if anyone), and some light Nuggets discussion. 

Enjoy the show!

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Nate and Jeff sit down to talk Broncos free agency, if they'll be venturing into Coors Field this coming baseball season, if Gary Harris is a keeper, and much more Nuggets talk. Enjoy the show.

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Once upon a time we said on this podcast something like: The much anticipated ... it couldn't have sounded more amateur. But in that light, we haven't done a podcast in a while and have been restless listeners. 

So, we're back tonight with Andrew Feinstein from Denver Stiffs and from Denver to talk all things Nuggets. A Nuggets roundtable if you will. We get to resting players, Melvin Hunt, Josh Kroenke, and much more. We hope you enjoy the show. 

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While Ross Martin is out on a cruise liner somewhere deep in the Pacific or Atlantic, Jeff Morton and Nate Timmons take this opportunity to go Nuggets/NBA heavy on the podcast. 

The two dream, complain, cry, examine, and hope for the best as the NBA trade deadline nears. Enjoy the show.

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We sent Ross Martin out on assignment to find where Wade Phillips likes to hang out. We were fortunate enough to bring in Andrew Feinstein from Denver Stiffs and Paul Klee from The Gazette in Colorado Springs. 

If you don't know Klee, you should. He has spent time covering Big 10 basketball, is a Colorado guy, and has been writing about Colorado sports for a few years now for The Gazette. 

Heavy on Nuggets talk tonight, enjoy the show.

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Sandy Clough from 104.3 The Fan joins the show to dissect the Super Bowl, talk about where the Broncos are headed, and plenty of Nuggets talk - stemming from a few articles that came out on the team recently (and in light of their loss to the 76ers.)

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It's Super Bowl week, but all anyone wants to talk about is ... a huge freaking scandal that matters, according to Ross Hipster Glasses Martin. A certain Chicago fan is excited about the John Fox hire, and the guys grade the Gary Kubiak hire, and take a long look at Brian Shaw. 


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Nate and Jeff made it down to Jake's on a dark and snowy Denver night to talk sports with Les Shaprio from The Sports Show, which can be seen on any time you want with Woody Paige, too. 

We go deep into Broncos waters and Les tells us the man for the job, that won't get hired. We discuss many candidates and possibilities, and much more. 

There is also some Nate Robinson talk as the Nuggets are bringing in veteran Jameer Nelson, and we discuss the direction the Nuggets should go. Enjoy the show.

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Denver Nuggets General Manager Tim Connelly joins us, once again, to discuss all things Nuggets. We dive into the state of the team, if we could see rebuilding, the plan for the present and future, and more. 

We also discuss the development and future of Jusuf Nurkic - who Connelly likes next to Kenneth Faried - and how things are going overseas with Nikola Jokic and Joffrey Lauvergne (and when we could see them in Denver). 

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