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With Ross on his way to New York, via his Huffy, to cover the NBA draft, Nate and Jeff are joined by Andrew Feinstein, the Big Stiff. 

The guys get into the Sacramento mess, and what it could mean for the Nuggets if DeMarcus Cousins is actually on the trade block. We get into the draft and debate Mario Hezonja vs Justise Winslow, and what we think might play out come draft night. 

There's also talk of Michael Malone, and what style he may try to play, and the guys look at what the front office must do this offseason. 

Enjoy the show, and thanks for listening. 

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The guys find themselves deep in the RiNo district of downtown Denver. Jeff and Nate go over the news of Pete D'Alessandro returning to Denver with the Nuggets and Avalanche, and they answer some listener questions on the endless coaching search, draft workouts - including Justise Winslow, and draft day scenarios. 

Enjoy the show and thanks for listening. 

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Christopher "Don't Call Me Chris" Dempsey joins the show to discuss the NBA Finals and all things Nuggets. Seriously, all things Nuggets. We delve into the coaching search and the Nuggets' silence. The draft and who we like, who we don't, and who is intriguing. 

Enjoy the show and thanks for listening! 

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Jeff and Nate make their way to the Pepsi Center for a special podcast with Nuggets General Manager Tim Connelly. 

We go over the draft  process (sorry, couldn't ask about specific players per NBA rules), talk some Nikola Jokic, where the current roster stands, how the coaching search is coming, and much more. 

Big thanks to Connelly for once again joining us, enjoy the show, and thank you for listening! 

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Jeff and Nate get together on a rainy day to deliver your ears with some Nuggets talk. 

The guys get into a little of Nate's thoughts on Manny Pacquaio vs Floyd Mayweather. 

Then they delve into the Nuggets coaching news, or lack thereof. That turns into draft talk and roster talk with the paramount offseason ahead.

Enjoy the show and thanks for listening. 

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The NBA playoffs are in full swing, but Ross Martin can't seem to get himself on board. Nate and Jeff try to talk some sense into Ross about the best playoff format out there. 

The guys also get into some Rockies talk and how they might be the old Nuggets and the Nuggets might be the old Rockies. Crazy times. 

Enjoy the show and thanks for listening! 

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Two podcasts in one week? Nate Timmons sits down with Lewi Gault, a fitness professional, Jiu-Jitsu competitor, MMA enthusiast, and a husband and father. 

Gault is gearing up for the annual Fitness on the Rocks event at Red Rocks (July 18th) and we get into some MMA talk - centering around the UFC, what it was like coming to the United States from Scotland, and much more.

Find information on Fitness on the Rocks by clicking this link. The event takes place July 18th at Red Rocks.

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Ross Martin is back, after his long road covering NCAA Tournament games for CSG. We talk about the tournament thus far, Jeff Morton takes us through the controversial Indiana legislation, who to root for on the Broncos (if anyone), and some light Nuggets discussion. 

Enjoy the show!

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Nate and Jeff sit down to talk Broncos free agency, if they'll be venturing into Coors Field this coming baseball season, if Gary Harris is a keeper, and much more Nuggets talk. Enjoy the show.

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Once upon a time we said on this podcast something like: The much anticipated ... it couldn't have sounded more amateur. But in that light, we haven't done a podcast in a while and have been restless listeners. 

So, we're back tonight with Andrew Feinstein from Denver Stiffs and from Denver to talk all things Nuggets. A Nuggets roundtable if you will. We get to resting players, Melvin Hunt, Josh Kroenke, and much more. We hope you enjoy the show. 

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