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Jeff and Nate talk uniforms, player development, female athletes, movies coaches and more. Enjoy the show! 

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Nate and Jeff welcome in Adam Mares of Denver Stiffs and Harrison Wind of BSN Denver to the show, as Ross is MIA after his Las Vegas Summer League assignment. A deep dive into the team, starting with Paul Millsap and ending with uniforms. Enjoy the show.

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Nate takes another look at the race for eight in the West, but first has a phone call with Jeff, who is on his way back to Denver from Houston. Only four games left. Enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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The Nuggets are no longer in the driver seat for the eight seed in the West after two tough losses to the Rockets, but Jeff doesn't want to hear your negativity. The guys go over the brutal end of game and more. Thanks for listening! 

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Jeff and Nate discuss Wilson Chandler's career night vs. the Kings, the timing of the Jusuf Nurkic trade, the race for eight and much more. Enjoy the show, thanks for listening!

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Nate and Jeff wrap up the craziness that was or was not the NBA trade deadline; plus where the deadline left the Nuggets in their quest for the post-season. 

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The guys talk pop culture to start the show before diving into Nuggets and NBA trade deadline talk (20:45 mark). 

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With the Denver Nuggets trading Jusuf Nurkic and a first round pick to the Portland Trail Blazers for Mason Plumlee and a second round pick, we had to discuss it. Nuggets GM Tim Connelly joins us (5:30 mark) to discuss the trade and then we have Matt Moore of CBS Sports and Adam Mares of Denver Stiffs on to break things down even further. Enjoy the show.

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Paul Klee, a must read writer, of The Colorado Springs Gazette joins us to talk all things Nuggets. 

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Denver Nuggets General Manager Tim Connelly joins the show to talk about the state of his team. Enjoy the show and thank you for listening! 

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