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It's Super Bowl week, but all anyone wants to talk about is ... a huge freaking scandal that matters, according to Ross Hipster Glasses Martin. A certain Chicago fan is excited about the John Fox hire, and the guys grade the Gary Kubiak hire, and take a long look at Brian Shaw. 


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Nate and Jeff made it down to Jake's on a dark and snowy Denver night to talk sports with Les Shaprio from The Sports Show, which can be seen on any time you want with Woody Paige, too. 

We go deep into Broncos waters and Les tells us the man for the job, that won't get hired. We discuss many candidates and possibilities, and much more. 

There is also some Nate Robinson talk as the Nuggets are bringing in veteran Jameer Nelson, and we discuss the direction the Nuggets should go. Enjoy the show.

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Denver Nuggets General Manager Tim Connelly joins us, once again, to discuss all things Nuggets. We dive into the state of the team, if we could see rebuilding, the plan for the present and future, and more. 

We also discuss the development and future of Jusuf Nurkic - who Connelly likes next to Kenneth Faried - and how things are going overseas with Nikola Jokic and Joffrey Lauvergne (and when we could see them in Denver). 

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Hey, is it 2015 yet? It is? Well, let's get the podcast fired up! We're back talking Kanye West, the Broncos chances in the playoffs, and if the Nuggets message is matching their play. 

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The 200th episode! We've come a long way since Nate dreamed up having his own podcast on his lonesome drives from Casper, WY to Denver. A chance meet up with Ross at Washington Park turned those dreams into a reality and the addition of Jeff has turned the show into what it is today. 

In a likely scenario, Ross is working while Nate and Jeff are joined by Christopher "Don't Call Me Chris" Dempsey of the Denver Post to talk Rockies trades, Johnny Football starting, Cam Newton's car accident, and much more. 

As we usually do when Dempsey joins the show, we go in depth on the Nuggets and we think we also converted Dempsey to the Orange and Blue! Enjoy the show!

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The guys are back picking games for Week 14. 

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After a two week hiatus, the boys are back and trying to get organized. So much to talk about from Boss, to Colorado State football, the Broncos, Nuggets, and umpires coming out. Enjoy the show. 

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The lost episode! The guys made their Week 12 picks, but technical difficulties (one idiot podcaster) kept this locked away for the weekend. Take a look back and see how right Nate was and how wrong Jeff and Ross were this past weekend. 

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The guys are going back ... to the future with the headlines segment. Are the Broncos playing to their playmakers? How are the hands that the Nuggets are in? Lots to discuss, enjoy the show.

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The guys are back picking their Week 10 NFL games. 

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