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Kenneth Faried and Team USA won gold in Barcelona, what will this mean for The Manimal's development? Ross' headlines include Adrian Peterson and that gets the guys talking about mob mentality and a whole lot more. Plus the Broncos have a big game coming up, why do Ross and Jeff want them to lose? 

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The guys pick their Week 2 NFL games, listen to see how to win the annual GOTS contest. 

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Things get a bit serious as the guys discuss Ray Rice for a few minutes, Nate and Jeff begged a Chauncey Billups story into Ross' headlines (NBA talk ensues), the boys discuss the conference disparity between the AFC and NFC, recap some of the Broncos game and more.

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Gamblers on the Storm is back! Jeff Morton won the whole thing last season and is back to defend his crown. We gave away some sweet prizes last season, including a Julius Thomas signed Broncos football and gift cards to the Denver Chop House (delicious!). 

Tweet us, Facebook us, or email us on who you think will win our NFL Pick 'Em this season: Nate, Ross or Jeff and you'll be eligible for a prize at the end of the season. Details in this week's show. 

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Ross' headlines somehow miss the Wes Welker news, Jeff Morton is on a power-trip binge (racing teenagers at stoplights!), and Nate just wants to talk basketball and legalizing PEDs. 

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The boys are back talking movies, Emmy's, Kenneth Faried and Team USA, the non-showering Michael Sam, Matt Prater, and more. 

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We discuss Jeff's distain for the NFL, Nate compares himself to JaVale McGee and Ross has a batch of headlines that cover a wide range of topics, including the death of Robin Williams. 

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Jake Feinstein joins the show after a long awaited absence from Earth. He reveals who he really is on the show as we talk Nuggets, Broncos, and more Nuggets and NBA and headlines and such. 

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We're back, after a little hiatus, and talking sports, duh! Nate talks about his time in Las Vegas at Summer League, the guys dive into Quincy Miller, Erick Green, and Gary Harris. The rumors of Kevin Love to Denver won't seem to die, so the guys re-hash the Love talk. A bit of Rockies and Broncos mixed in and some movie talk at the end. Enjoy.

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Jeff and Nate are down at Pepsi Center for the Nuggets last mini-camp before Summer League. Nuggets small forward Quincy Miller joins the guys to talk about sports and stuff. Quincy tells us about life in the NBA thus far, where his game has grown, what we can expect to see from him in Vegas and beyond, his strong shoe and backpack game and much more.

Enjoy the show and big big thanks to Mr. Miller for taking the time to chat with us today.

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