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Nate and Jeff talking Vance Joseph, Nuggets in London and more. Enjoy the show and thanks for listening! 

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Christopher "Don't call me Chris" Dempsey joins the show to talk George Karl, Nikola Jokic, Jusuf Nurkic's blowup, Emmanuel Mudiay, Jamal Murray, Danilo Gallinari, Will Barton and much more. Enjoy the show and thanks for listening! 

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The Denver Nuggets lost to the worst team in the Western Conference, the Dallas Mavericks. They lost by A LOT. Michael Malone was out-coached by one of the best in the business, Rick Carlisle. It happens.

The Nuggets biggest concern is tapping into the unusual and brilliant point guard skill set of Nikola Jokic. A center who needs the ball in his hands. Once the Nuggets find a way to make this happen they will take that next step. Until then it's going to be a frustrating time.

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The Denver Nuggets got down big early, came back late but once again lost to the moribund Brooklyn Nets. Jeff talks about what the Nuggets can do to change their starting lineup. Once again it starts with the point guard.

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This week Jeff dives deep into the Denver Nuggets, talking about Emmanuel Mudiay, Jamal Murray and Michael Malone and the three M combo that is greatly affecting the team and it's leadership.

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Andrew Feinstein joins the show to talk Nuggets. The Nuggets are figuring some things out and have question marks in other areas. The guys dive deep into Jamal Murray and the age old Jokic or Nurkic question. Enjoy the show! 

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Emmanuel Mudiay and Kenneth Faried seemed to get back on track for the Denver Nuggets, as the team snapped a 4 game losing streak against the Phoenix Suns in Denver. Also Jeff talks about home attendance, Nuggets end of game lineups and the lack of sellout at CU's big game against Washington State.

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Jeff and Nate discuss the Nuggets first three games, the player rotations, Jamal Murray, Emmanuel Mudiay and much more on this episode! 

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Another CSG Podcast with the King of Thornton going solo. This week he talks to Emmanuel Mudiay and Danilo Gallinari about Dikembe Mutombo. Jeff reflects on his memories about the 1994 Nuggets team and says that those memories are what validates retiring his jersey. Also a 15 minute segment from Michael Malone at practice today talking about basketball philosophy. A must-listen.

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Brief CSG Update podcast today featuring The King of Thornton Jeff Morton going solo from the beautiful CSG Video studios in Thornton. On today's agenda, talking about Bosnian Buddy Ball in the Northwest Division, what to watch on Netflix, and a silly comparison between Rudy Gay and Danilo Gallinari (not made by Jeff)

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